Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Return of Soccer

Our first post shore weekend was busy.  Friday night was nice so we took a ride to New Hope for dinner.  Back to Havana where Amy and I had our first date.
 Yes, she's eating an onion ring with a fork.
 Saturday morning soccer returned!  Aden was excited to wear his new cleats.  As you might remember, last year Aden had very little stamina.  He would usually not be able to play the game after the practice.  He ran around a lot at camp this summer and didn't complain so we had hope.
 We sponsored the team.
 Ariel was all ready to play.
 We had to keep pulling her off the field.
 Hey Jack!
 Same coaches and most of the same kids from his t-ball team.
 Here we go!
 Aden did great!  He ran around the whole time and never complained.

 Yay team!
 Good game.

 Of course we can't pass by the playground without the kids jumping all over it.
 Saturday afternoon was quiet.  The kids played out back.

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