Monday, September 2, 2013

Where Did Summer Go?

The Summer is over!  Sorry I didn't blog Monday, I was too depressed packing up the Shore house.  It's hard to believe we probably won't be back there for 9 months!  It may have seemed like we did a lot, we did, but it's hard to believe all that we didn't do.  We did not go on Jeff's boat at all.  We didn't go to Storybook Land.  No Atlantic City. (well just one quick dinner but no gambling or dancing)  No long walks with Melissa.  No bike rides.  Wow.  I have a lot to make up for next year!

Friday morning, Melissa watched Ariel and took this picture.  The buddies.
 Friday afternoon, I picked up Amy from school.  Dismissal time is crazy there!  We then headed to the Shore and met my family for dinner at Jo Jo's.
 One screen isn't enough.
 Cheese face!
 Saturday morning, Ariel couldn't wait to see pop.
 We headed over to my parents.
 Ariel threw her "food" over the balcony.
 Time to head back, we have friends coming!
 Loving those rocks.
 Jason, Lisa, Carter and Sloane came to visit.  Aden and Carter really hit it off.

 They picked up a girl.  I'm not sure who was the wingman.
 Sloane showed no fear!
 Another crab.

 Still not used to seeing her sitting on the sand.

 It was a great beach day and we all had a lot of fun.

 Keep that bucket away from me!
 Aden will always find the biggest hole on the beach.

 It was packed!

 Some intense wiffle ball with Jacob.

 Ok, enough of the beach, let's head to the pool...

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