Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Go Raiders!

Without the Shore weekends full of pictures it's getting harder to fill the week of blog posts.  These pictures will catch me up so right now I have nothing for Friday!  It sure felt like the Shore today.  Hot and humid.  Aden was supposed to start swim again at the NAC tonight but he didn't want to go.  He says he doesn't want instruction, he just wants free swim.  How do we convince him to go?

Playing around after school.

 Aden played at the neighbors and even had dinner there.  Amy had back to school night so it was just me and my little girl!

 Ryan used to be scared of girls.   He seems to be liking Ariel.
 Aden's class headed to the playground at 4:30.  He made me wait around so he could play.
 Bugs everywhere to play with!

 Looking at the bugs overhead.
 Sammy came to play.

 She still calls this "weeeee!"
 Soccer practice.
 It was hot and the kids were sweaty but seemed to be enjoying themselves.

 They had to run around the tree with the ball.  Notice how everyone was back already and Aden was still at the tree.

 Good shot!
 Tough faces.
 Go Raiders!

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