Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Coldest Night in 21 Years

It's Wednesday night and I can hear the nurse humming in her room with the babies.  She's super helpful but the constant humming is starting to get to me.

The day after the bris, Cantor Kushner posted this on Facebook.  Very nice of him. 
Again I will say it, why don't we live in Florida.
Oh, it wasn't that bad.
Friday morning, the boys slept on our floor while we got ready.

Time to go!
That afternoon, we went to Aden's school for a presentation by the kids.  Aden had the lead part!
 The parents all get to stand in the back.
 Go Aden!  The kids were cute but I had a hard time following the story.

Then it was time for poetry.

 Great job guys!
 Aden's Washington and Lincoln.
 My big boy!
 That night we got some cuddling in.
 Still working on the group shot.

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