Monday, February 16, 2015

The Six of Us Together at Last

It's Monday night and we are awaiting another snow storm.  Who is up for sledding tomorrow?  

Back to Saturday.  I slept well again Friday night and Amy actually woke me up to tell me they were all ready to come home!  My parents came over and I headed to the hospital.  The babies had passed their car seat stress tests.  Their hearts and lungs were monitored for an hour and a half while sitting in the seat.  They had to do that because they were under 5-9.
Ready to get out of here?
 They finally are getting real clothes for the first time!
 The newborn clothes were huge!

All snuggled in their seats. (thanks Mel and Mark!)
She carried one, I carried the other.
 They fit in the car!
 Look what Aden and Ariel made.  So cute.
 Thrilled to have their little brothers home.
 Both our parents where there waiting.
 They are so small!
 And baby Eva of course.  
 They spend most of their time side by side sleeping.
 Big and little Olaf.
 It's fun that Eva can chase Ariel around now.
 Some selfies.
 Maura was back for the weekend and came to visit with Madi.

 Ariel is always in charge.  She wants to hold and feed and change.  Fine with me!
 My grandmom had to come meet the boys.
 I went up to Trenton to pick up the nurse from the train.  We didn't use Daisy this time.  Wanted to try someone new.
 The boys did not last long like this.  Hopefully someday soon!
 Just throwing this in.  Saw it at the hospital for all you Breaking Bad fans.

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