Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nate's Night Out

I've been going a little crazy thinking about what is coming.  These babies really could be here any day!  We are totally unprepared.  no one believes us but we don't have names, let alone clothes, diapers, formula, car seats, stroller, bibs, burp cloths, bottles, crib mattress, Hebrew names, a Bris plan.  I guess we need to get working on all that.

Saturday night, we met Ali, Lindsay and the boys at Bobby Simones in Doylestown to celebrate Lindsay's birthday.  My man Nate Dog was also there.  Hey Todd, give him to me!
 That's more like it.  
 Then it was Chad's turn.
I guess we were playing pass the baby.  He was so good.  Just kind of looked around the whole time.
 Pretty mommy.  Already skinny.
 Here's Lindsay's cake!
So, while at the restaurant, I checked on Ariel but did not see her in her bed.  
We got home and found her on the wrong side of the bed!
 Aden and my parents in a mean game of Scrabble.
 Swim Sunday morning.  
 Looks like this boy just woke up.
 Hey Nicky!
 Get the duck!  I know, you see this every week.

 How am I doing this with twins?

Lou helped Ariel make some baskets after class.

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