Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jumpin Jacks

It's Wednesday night and all is eerily quiet in the house.  I can hear Amy up to stuff (probably no good) but nothing else.  I got to spend a little more quality time with the boys tonight but the nurse still takes them away most of the time.

Sunday morning I found the boys in their usual spots. (usual for the 1 day since they had been home!)
The kids had an early birthday party at Jumpin Jacks for the twins Jake and Ryan that were over our house last weekend.  It was a really far drive.  They moved here from Cherry Hill so we were looking forward to closer parties but they still picked something far away!
 Jason and I should go undercover in high school!
Ariel had a bit of a  tantrum, not really sure why, but it passed and she had fun. 
I didn't see Aden for a while.  It's not like the other bounce places where it's one party at a time.  Everyone was thrown together here.

 There he is.  Why do kids like those claw games?

 Being silly.

 As you know, Ariel is terrified of Elmo and Mickey Mouse but she ran up to give Jumpin Jack a big hug.

These are two year old twins.  The mom said she would let me know when things get easier?!?  That doesn't sound promising.
 While we were gone, Ali and Lindsay came for a visit.  
 Then Alex and Judy came after we got home.
Once the nurse leaves, the kids can hold the babies as much as they want!

 The kids got a present for being good to the babies.
 This was Sunday night back in the crib.
 Already rolling over!

 Mr Cool checking out the baby room.

The babies got fussy and we found them like this.
 Too cute.

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