Monday, February 9, 2015

Pizza Friday

We had an OB appointment today.  2 cm dilated!  Of course she was 2 cm with Ariel for 2 weeks so hopefully we have a little more time!  

Here are some random goofy pictures.  Aden gets pizza on Friday's at school so he was wearing his Pizza Friday shirt.  Ariel had pajama day and was excited to wear her robe.

That's Ariel's boyfriend Dylan next to her checkering her out.  Not sure how I feel about that!

 We should have pajama day at work.

 They had the room set up cute.

 That's Ariel's spot.  Her brand new pillow on the ground.  Oh well.
 Hanging with Bevy and Bubby.
We love sending Aden next door.  He actually sits down and does work!
Aden's poem.
Ariel's Bitty Baby trying out the Mamaroo swing.

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