Monday, February 2, 2015

Glenfiddich, with a hard ch!

It's Monday night and boy is it windy.  Feels like the house is going to blow over!  Maybe it's the big bad wolf!  Back to last week, Aden had another presentation!  He had to talk about what he wanted to be when he grew up and bring props.  He picked police officer!
The second night of soccer was a little better.  They moved the older kids to a different time so it was just 3 and 4 year olds.  I also remembered to bring something to tie up her shirt.
 They got right back to the same drills they were doing last week.  
 Ariel did not get the whole walk like a penguin dribbling thing.
 She's the littlest one by far!
 Ok, Ariel, your turn!
 She did ok.  After a while she crashed for a bit.  Was crying and hanging on to my legs.  I guess it might be too much after a long day of school.

 That's more like it.
 Wrightstown Elementary is cute.  It's a shame they want to close it.
 They had Ariel be the fox and call out the times for the kids to move.  She liked that.
 Friday night, Mark and I went to whiskey tasking at the Palm in town.  
Preparing the tasting.
 It was sponsored by Glenfiddich.  We had 4 courses accompanied by a 12, 15, 18 then 21 year old single malt whiskeys.
We actually knew a couple that was there.
 The speaker was amazing.  We learned so much.

We had a great time.  Great food, great drink and great discussion.
 I only remembered to take a picture of the dessert.  My favorite course, something sweet and a very expensive and smooth 21 year old scotch!

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