Sunday, February 22, 2015

Swollen Tonsils

It's Sunday night, the big kids are asleep, the little ones are stirring and we are watching the Academy Awards.  It's not as much fun if you haven't seen any of the nominated movies but we are sticking with it.  We had a busy weekend.  Lots of visitors and one crazy photoshoot.  Here are some more random pics from last week.

The babies sleep a lot!
 All four kids.
 Watching tv together.
 Someone getting burped.
Aden took these with his iPad and about a hundred more.  Of course I have his iPad hooked up to Photostream so all the pics ended up on my phone.

 Haircut time!  Ariel pigged out while Aden got his hair cut.

 My handsome guy.
 Ariel's turn.

 All done.

 Visiting Lou, Jackie, Nicky and their new baby Christian.  
 Nicky loves his baby brother.
Aden waiting to have his ears checked.  He had an ear infection a long time ago and still had fluid in his followup so this was the second followup.  His ears looked fine but his tonsils were swollen.
 Hey there buddy.
They are always side by side in their Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleepers.
 Good night sweet baby!
 Putting on daddy's socks.
 I found this online.  The bride sent this un-invite to her parents.
 Crazy how little they are.
 Fun in Aden's room.

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