Sunday, February 1, 2015

Some Good Eating

It's Sunday night and we are sort of watching the Superbowl.  There is about 6 minutes left and Seattle is winning by 3.  Don't really care who wins so the game isn't that exciting for me.  The commercials have been pretty good but more sad than funny.

These are from last week.  Aden was the Shining Star.  He had to make his second presentation in 2 weeks.  
 He's a ham.  He likes talking in front of the class.

 You would think we would be done with the projects.  We are not.
 Facetiming with Eva!
Aden went to Ben's house to play Halo on the X Box.  His mom sent this picture.  She made them read first!  Good going Nancy!
My view of Atlantic City from the Borgata.  
My buddies Kevin and Ryan from Chicago.  Can't believe it's been a year since I have seen them.
 The legendary Chef Vola.  Extremely difficult to get in.

 Spicy chicken.
 They all got veal.  It was all yummy.
 Their famous banana cream pie.
Hanging with the boys back at the hotel.
My annual trip through Margate to bring home goodies for everyone.  First stop, Dinos!
I missed that steak sandwich!  Then a trip to Jagielky's for candy and Manco & Manco's for pizza!
 The beach houses.  
 They looked so lonely.  We will be back soon!
 Back home we pigged out.
 Right Eva?

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