Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cool Like Daddy

It's Tuesday night and quiet in the house.  Just the occasional coughing from poor Noah.  

Back to Saturday.  I made the early morning run to Juniors.  
 The line got really long!
 Howard and Jen came by with the girls to hang out.  They were finishing a week in Ocean City.  They did this last year also.  Everyone enjoyed the doughnuts.
 Ariel gave Noah a ride.
 Not sure what he thought about that.
 Tali's turn.
 Noah likes older women.
 Me and the boys.
 The girls had fun playing.
 Cute pic of Howard Avery and Noah.  Where is Eli?
 Just like last year we went to the Greenhouse for lunch.  Ariel is obsessed with going into Lucy the Elephant.  It's really not that exciting.

 Are we bad parents?  The girls hung out at the bar.

 They were very silly.

 Crazy we have been friends since high school.
 Let's head to the pool!
 I bought most of Aden and Ariel's clothes until recently.  I have never bought clothes for the twins.  I'm not sure why I've been so out of it.  I think I need to take it back over.  
 We swam for a little.

Our friend Remy stopped by with Maren to swim.
That night we stayed in.  
Where are we going to go?
Eventually everyone was asleep besides Cooper and I.  We stayed up late finishing up season 4 of the Walking Dead.  I have to wait a few weeks for season 5 to be on Netflix.

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