Monday, August 10, 2015

Junior Camp Sing

Ok, huge post like I promised.  This is apparently my sister's new favorite picture.  I love these quiet moments in the morning.
We went to Breezy Point for the Junior Camp Sing.
Down the hill.

 The kids were all lined up.

 Excited parents.
 Here comes Ariel's group!

There's Ashley!
 That's Ariel in the back of the wagon waiting for the other performances.
 Back on stage with everyone.

 She was not happy when we left.
 Haircut time!
 We went to the NAC one night last week.
 Aden had friends from school and camp there.
 There's Maya from Aden's class.
 And Charlie from Ariel's class.
 The boys were busy with their Magic cards.
 Then they played GaGa.
The babies hung out.
It's kind of hard to see, but I think it's funny the geese are hanging out by the fake dog that is there to scare the geese away!

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