Sunday, August 23, 2015

Return of the Parachute

Happy Monday!  It was a very nice weekend at the shore.  The twins sleep really well there.  We ate as many Juniors doughnuts as humanly possible.  I'm wondering if they freeze well.  We can have a taste now and again in the future to remember what once was!

Last week the boys had their last music class of the Summer.  
 Ready to go?!?!
Look who joined us!  Aden went to music twice in 3 days and he hasn't been in years.  
We will miss this class.  Ivy won't be coming back with the twins because she's going back to teaching.

 There's Christian!  Remember when we came over buddy?
 Marilyn has one of our babies!
 Aden was a big help.


The parachute always come out for the last class.

Either Max or Mason was playing with Eli.

The twins weren't so sure.
 Aden jumped right on.

 It's crazy to see Aden doing this.  It's been like 5 years since he was going regularly.

That night Eva came to visit.
 Over to the neighbors to play at eat treats.
 Noah watched the kids.
 Alex's second birthday is today!

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