Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cruisn' in the Vette

It's Thursday night again.  We had a nice night hanging with the neighbors across the street.  The girl is almost 6 but Ariel totally bosses her around.  Tomorrow is Aden's last day of camp.  We had him write thank you's and now we are figuring out tips.  We seem to be the only people that didn't go to see Billy Joel tonight.  We still are unsure as to what we are doing this weekend.  What's going on?

Back to Sunday morning.  Some guys got up in a good mood.
Hey Uncle Mark!
Back to my parent's to swim with the cousins.
First we had a quick visit from Jaime, Abby and Jared.

We spent all day swimming.  
 Determined to get Eli in the pool.
 Most of these pics were taken by the kids.  There isn't much to say except enjoy the craziness!

 The underwater shots came out great.

 Ok, here we go!

 Eli did great in the pool! I can't believe this was his first time.
Poor Noah missed out on the fun.
The kids needed to rest after all that swimming.
Ariel's hair got so curly.
Eli was knocked out from the swimming.
Ariel wanted to check out grandpop's Corvette.
I can see nothing but trouble coming from this!  Have a great weekend!

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