Thursday, August 20, 2015


Tomorrow is Ariel's last day of camp 2015!  Wow.  I think both kids are ready for school though.  Because Eli was born breach, yes, he was pulled out by his legs, they have to check his hips for a year.  Amy took him to CHOP for x-rays today and he did great.  Both the boys also are doing great with eating!  They take in anything Amy is willing to puree.

Back to Sunday.  After the NAC we rested a little.

Then we headed to Jackie and Lou's house in Newtown.  Nicky was excited to see Ariel.
Baby Christian was hanging out waiting for the twins.

There are the buddies.
Eli tried out this go-pod thing.  Not sure he's quite ready.
Time for a dip.  They have an awesome backyard.
Noah wanted nothing to do with the pool but Eli went right in!
He just floated round and smiled!

Not so much Noah.

 Baseball time.

 I think Nicky was making a move.
 Waiting for dinner.
 Ariel jumped back in the pool by herself.
 All dry and changed.
 Bubble time!
 The kids had fun and left us alone so we could relax and have some adult time!  Have a great weekend!

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