Monday, August 24, 2015

One Huge Spider

It's Monday night!  Poor Noah has croup.  He got the steroids at the doctors and went to bed easily.  Hopefully he will feel better soon.  Time to finish off last week.  We had a second visiting day for Ariel.  
A little duck duck goose in the bunk.
 There's Dylan.
Snack time.

Ariel is starting to get sad that Dylan won't be in her class this year.
 Arts and crafts.
Working hard.

 Pretty frame Ariel.
 Playdough time.

 Love the jewelry.
 Story time.  They did the fish song and bear song again.

 Look at that, it's Ariel's last teacher and new teacher hanging out!
 Playing around at Holland Elementary one night.

Sunset at the school.
Such a big help.
 I almost ran into this outside.
 You can kind of get the scale from the tree.  It was huge!
 Aden is so sweet with the babies.

 Loving that food!

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