Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ariel's First Dance Recital

It's way too late Sunday night.  The twins are thankfully asleep but Aden and Ariel are up watching game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals rooting for Mark's Penguins.  We didn't get back from the shore till about 9:15 tonight.  We had a nice weekend.  We took all the kids to the beach and it went pretty well.  The twins didn't run away as we had feared they would.  Let's finish off last weekend.

Eli was trying on his new kippah made by bubbie.

Then we went to the Jewish Festival at Bucks County Community College.  Last year it was at Briarwood Day Camp you might remember.  It was pretty low key.
 Todd, Sammy and Nate were there.
 We hung out.
 Then had some good food.

 Ariel's friend Piper was there.
 Inside for GaGa.  Aden really wants one of these portable GaGa courts.  I looked them up, they are like $4500.  Wow.

 Water ice for everyone.
That night was finally time for Ariel's first dance recital.  She was super excited.
 She had lots of people to watch.
 It was at the Trenton War Memorial.
 Aden was excited for it to begin, not.
 Amy went backstage with Ariel who immediately found her buddies Amanda and Maddie.
It was a beautiful theater.  Back in my sisters day, you would spend all day at these recitals.  This one was thankfully broken up into two sessions.  And the little ones were all before the intermission so we only had to stay about an hour and a half, for about 25 numbers.
 Ariel's class!  They did a great job.  

Bev got some great closeups.  Ariel commanded that stage!  All smiles and so comfortable.  

Then it was time for the tot finale.

 Our little princess!
 She wanted to change into a dress to be more comfortable for dinner.
 Flowers for our star!
 Ok, it's late, good night!

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