Monday, June 19, 2017

Too Many Choices

It's Monday night.  Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day yesterday.  We had a brunch at our house then went to the beach. Speaking of beach, I will have some crazy stories later.  Let's just say Eli.  I think the thunderstorms are gone so hopefully everyone sleeps tonight.   Back to last week.  

A little early morning dot dot.  
Turns out this will be our last music class for a while.  We are going to try some gym classes instead.  
I love the muscle shirt on Eli.
Hey Nate!
Cool dude.
The twins are crazy.

Maura came to help.

Someone has the beat.
Giving Chloe hugs.
Brother sister bonding.

Time to go out for ice cream.
Gwen couldn't wait.
Choices choices.  Noah actually pulled the chair up himself to look!

They are great at saying ice cream.

These are cute.

Good night!

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