Thursday, June 1, 2017

Where Did the Doughnuts Go?

It's Thursday night.  We just got back from Aden's final baseball game.  They lost and he cried.  He played well though.  He had a good play in the field.  It might be it for his career.  He wants to play football next year instead.  I would be sad.  We will see.  It was warm for once though!  I'm so tired and sore from my workout. I just need to go to bed.  

Last Saturday morning, we had an impromptu dance party.

 Aden slept over my parents so he wasn't around.  I took the other 3 to Juniors for breakfast.
 Huge line!  I can't believe I hadn't eaten here in 9 months.  
 We brought home the doughnuts and waffles which the kids devoured.
 Aden is back!

 After the babies took a nap, we went over to my parents house to swim.  It was crazy already.  The neighbors were over and Judy and Steve.
 It wasn't very warm but warm enough to go into an almost 90 degree pool!


 Cool shot!
 Ariel's friend Sydney.  They spent a lot of time together this weekend.  
 Eli was the last one in the pool.  He loved it.  For the rest of the weekend, whenever we were even near my parent's house, he would point to the pool.

 It was hard to get out.  The cool wind was blowing.
Playroom time.

My parents were nice enough to watch all 4 so Amy and I could go out to dinner for our 10th anniversary!  We had an awesome meal at Steve and Cookies.  
Some day we will be able to hang out at bars again.
We went back to get the kids and that was it for the night!  Have a great weekend!

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