Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ariel's Pre-K Graduation

It's Tuesday night.  Today was a beautiful day.  Amy took all the kids to the NAC to swim.  That was brave.  Sounds like they had fun.  The kids cannot wait for camp to start.  Tonight they had their first book club meeting.  Thankfully that went well.  Let's go back to Ariel's pre-k graduation last week.

We left the boys with Heather.  We took them last year and that was a mistake.  They love the machine that shoots out the Uno cards.

 Off to Bucks County Community College.  Ariel with her class.  All ready to go.  
 Big crowd.  
 There were 3 classes that "graduated."  Each performed 2 songs.  

Ariel is turning out to be very comfortable on stage.  

Time to get her diploma.

Aden remembers these days.
 Here come the graduates.

 It was a crazy scene outside.

 Ariel will miss Ashley and Mrs. Gale.

 My mini me.
 Aden's teacher in the 4s.  That was a sweet moment.

 Nice pic!
 Ariel and Aden ran around with Chloe and her sisters.

 Until next years graduation!

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