Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Big Matzah Ball

Here's huge post.  I'm a bit distracted though.  The Dead are streaming a concert for free tonight.  I'm seeing them in 2 weeks!  

The last Mommy and Me class for a while.  
 Like Nate's matzoh ball?
 Let's do some art already!

 Mommy is funny.

 Parachute time!

 Now it's Nate's turn to be silly.
 I took the kids to see my grandmother.
 Her sister was just as excited as she was.

 Of course she tried to feed them.
 All the ladies had questions for Aden.

 Noah was bad and Amy put him in timeout!  You can just about make him out sitting on the steps and looking at us.  He cried and we all laughed!  It was cute.
 Ariel and her best girlfriends going through some of their books at school.

 Bubble time!

 Our little daredevil.

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