Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Club

It's Tuesday night and it's all quiet in the house.  I think Amy is upstairs watching the Bachelorette without me.  How dare she!  I think these past 2 months of pretty heave exercise might finally be making a difference.  Not only am I just a little bit bigger but I think my stamina is getting better.  That's what I've been going for all along.  To be able to at least attempt to keep up with the twins!

Back to last week.  I did not take a lot of pictures.  There weren't many organized activities and I've been too lazy to try and create moments so I can take pictures.  
 Hey, I'm in a pic!

 Amy took the kids to the NAC and took 1 picture!  I know it's hard chasing the kids around.
 Aden and Ariel had their first book club.  Aden wasn't thrilled about going but he's fine.  Ariel is always excited about everything. 
 The twins took off of course.
 Aden's group leader last year became his 3rd grade teacher and she was supposed to be his leader again and she did the first night but that was it, she got too busy to continue.  Bye Ms. Carmen!
 So what are the boys up to?
 Did you notice the twins were dressed alike?  I'm usually against that but Amy has been getting into it.  I guess it's kind of cute.

 Aden and Ariel have been playing a little better together.  
 Making pudding!
 Watching a thunderstorm!

 This is what happens when Ariel gets bored!
 A little playing outside.
 I love watching the boys make up games then play them.

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