Monday, February 5, 2018

Give Me 10!

Sorry for the lack of post today, the last couple of days were insane.  Aden, my dad and I went to the Super Bowl!  We got back Monday morning around 4:30.  After a few hours of sleep, we actually made it to school and work.  I will have much to share about that amazing experience soon!  Back to last weekend.  You can never be too young relax on the potty.
Morning Eli!
 No idea what is happening here.
 It was chilly buy we went to a playground.  
 We needed to get the kids out of the house.

 Even the older kids had fun.

 Ariel makes friends wherever she goes.
 This is all day every day.  
 I had some time to go the the gym.  I almost sneaked past Ariel but she saw me and I had to take her.  I'm not sure kids are even allowed in the gym.

 She counted my reps for me.  She yelled at me to work harder.

 We got in some cardio.
Date night!  A yummy dinner at Uva.

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