Thursday, February 8, 2018

Baby Fly Eagles Fly

It's Thursday night.  I went with Aden to the Eagle's Super Bowl parade in the City today.  Talk about insane.  It was just us and about 2 or 3 million of our closest friends.  It was a great experience but I think I'm done with football for a while.  How are the Sixers doing? 

Aden is finally reading Harry Potter and he loves it!
 Jason came over before school and kept the kids entertained.

 He kept asking for toast.
 Pajama Day!
 Everyday should be pajama day.  
 Intense game of Candy Land.

 Headed home from school!
 Ariel had swim.

 Aden worked out while he was waiting for us.
 Amy wanted to go through all the nursery rhyme stuff with the kids before she through it out.
 They make so much stuff at school.
 Where is your Eagle's balloon?  All the kids had Eagle's pep rallies at school.  
 How cute is this?

 Aden's class led the services at synagogue that night so we all went.  It was also a night of prayers for the Eagles!
 There's Aden up there!

 They did a prayer for Aden and I for our travels that weekend.  

Have a great weekend!

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