Monday, February 12, 2018

Super Bowl LII

Today was Noah and Eli's birthday.  They had a fun day of seeing family, opening presents and eating lots of birthday cake.  It's fun to be three!

This brings us to the Super Bowl.  This post will be leading up to the game.  My dad, Aden and I headed to the Philadelphia Airport the morning of the Super Bowl at 5 am!
 This guy recognizes me.  He was my Junior Counselor at Twin Oaks Day Camp 27 years ago!  His son and Aden threw around a football while we waited.  
 All set to go!  
 The plane ride was fun.  It was a charter flight of all Eagle's fans.  The Southwest Crew kept the chants going!
 Aden was fascinated watching the ground below.  He hadn't flown in a while.  
 Just about to land!
 Why are we here?
Wow that felt cold.  Get on the bus!
 We passed by the stadium.  Amazing place!
 They took us to a group of restaurants and bars across the Mississippi River from the stadium.  
 It was so unbelievably cold.
 This place was cool.  We got there around 10 am.  They had an open bar and a brunch for the 100 or so people on our plane.  
 The poor bartenders had to wear Eagles hats.  I was worried they would hate us but all the locals were very nice.

 Jeremiah Trotter came to hang out!  That was really cool.
 Because it's so cold out there, most of the building are interconnected to you don't have to go outside.  They took us through a bunch of passageways until we go into this really cool party space.  There was tons of food, a band and games to play.  Also, a ton more people.  I kept running into people I knew!

The food was yummy.  

 The three boys ready for a great game!
 Freddie Mitchel came to this party.

I saw Pat and Maurie on the way out.  

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