Thursday, February 1, 2018


It's Thursday night and it's momentarily quiet.  Is everyone making their Super Bowl plans?  Amy wants to have a party here.  Aden and I have other plans.  The potty training is going well.  Hopefully it will be over soon.  At least we aren't traveling anywhere these days and we don't have to worry about having them in my car without diapers.  Back to last week.  

Before school, the doctors were busy checking their patients.
 The entire Breezy Point school.  It seems so small when you see it this way.
Ariel's class.
Eli wanted to help with the cooking that night.
 And the cleaning too!
 This was last Friday morning.  Everyone loves a pop tart.
 Ready for school!
Back from school.  They fond ice on the deck to play with.

 We went to synagogue that night for a Shabbath dinner.  Aden wanted to show the rabbi the Eagles jersey he always carries with him.
We had a nice dinner.
 Aden liked the brisket.  He's really into trying new foods finally.

 As soon as we got into the sanctuary, Eli ran off.
 No one seemed to notice that Eli was crazy.
 There he is.
 We sat in the back so we could make a quick escape in case we couldn't handle the kids.

 Aden and Ariel left after dinner to go to Melissa's school for bingo.  Have a great weekend!

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