Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Twins are Three!

It's Sunday night.  We are watching figure skating.  The kids went to bed way too late tonight.  Somehow we ended up watching the latest Spiderman movie, which is awesome.  During the night, I tried to take pictures of the boys for their third birthday tomorrow but I was pretty unsuccessful.  This was the best I got.  I will try again tomorrow.  
Last Saturday, Aden and I got much needed haircuts.  
 Curtis has been cutting my hair since I'm 13!  He's been cutting my dad's hair for a long time and all my kids.  He just told us he's moving to Arkansas!
 What am I going to do?
 Our dancing queen.
 The best I can watch her during class.
 There she is.

 We went to a ski shop to buy stuff and Ariel wanted to help out behind the counter.
 A Delorean!
 We had Devashri's birthday party at the NAC.  Ariel didn't know that many and uncharacteristically, it took her a long time to warm up.
 They played musical chairs.  
 Ariel did well.  
 It was a tie with the birthday girl!
 Games in the dark.  
 Then up to the gym.  Our little monkey.

 They always get the best desserts.

 That night we had a nice birthday dinner for Lindsay.

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