Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Our Cheerleader

It's Wednesday night.  In another words, trash night.  Still trying to figure out if we are going the Eagles parade tomorrow.  They are expecting millions of people.  Might be a little too crazy.  Ariel was supposed to have her first cheerleading competition this weekend but we aren't going.  The girls just aren't ready.  Speaking of cheerleading.  Here is a sneal peak at part of her outfit.
The boys do gymnastics without us.  

 Then they chill in the cafe.  
 A quiet moment at Ariel's school.  

 Potty is going pretty well.
 Bear week at school.

 There were bears everywhere.

 My parents brought over my grandmother for dinner.  The kids put on a show for them.
 Eli sings and dances all the time.
 Ariel loves doughnuts.
 Cute pics!

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