Wednesday, February 7, 2018


It's so late Tuesday night that it's actually Wednesday morning.  I was watching the Super Bowl and even though I know how it comes out, I was still so nervous watching it.  Who is going to the parade?  Just trying to figure out how we can do it.  Let's finish off last weekend.  

Very early Sunday morning, I took Aden to synagogue for his youth group trip to Kalahari Water Park in the Poconos.  There were about 50 kids and 9 adults.  
 Our glimpse of this giant water park about 2 hours from home.  
We made it!
 The place was insane.  

 My boys.  
Who just ran off and left me behind.

 The lazy river was a safe place for them.


 Aden was mad at me because I told him to stop running off.

It was a fun day.  We didn't get back till 5.
 While we were away, Amy and Ariel went to a cousin's baby shower.

 Pretty sisters.
 Ariel wanted to help with dinner.

Eli just wanted to help with the leftover cake.

It wasn't easy washing off that cake!

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