Sunday, March 4, 2018

3rd Birthday Party Part 2

It's Sunday night.  We had a pretty quiet weekend.  No birthday parties.  Just one playdate.  Nothing at the gym or synagogue.  I guess it's nice sometimes.  It will get busy soon with baseball and football starting.  The Academy Awards are on behind me.  I have no interest.  I saw almost nothing nominated.  Let's get back to the twin's party.

They are getting so big!
Aden found a girl his age to play with.  I had to tell him to back off a few times.  He was a little rough with her.  I don't think he understood.  
 There is a big sign that says you must be at least 12 to play in the dodgeball area.  Security is not a big concern at this play apparently. 
 Jump Eli!
 Always wrestling.  

 Ariel and Eva had a lot of fun.
 We had the party early so it wouldn't be that crowded.  By the time we left it was a mob scene.  

 Ariel almost made it up the big wall.

 Aden doing some climbing.
 Our pretty girl.

 There goes Aden beating up the girl again.
 Time to head back to the party room.
 All the other kids were good eaters.  Sadly not ours.
 2 cakes!

 I tired hard to get this shot.

 Back out to play again.

 All the kids took a good nap that afternoon!

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