Thursday, March 8, 2018

Purim and Pizza

It's the morning after the snowpocolapse.  Yesterday was nuts.  We had over a foot of heavy wet snow.  They are saying it was as much as 16".  We didn't leave the house.  There was no way I was taking the kids outside.  A lot of our neighbors lost power from Friday's storm and we luckily didn't.  Well I guess it was our turn.  The power went out around 3 pm.  It was actually kind of fun running around with flashlights and luckily it didn't get too cold.  We were able to cook dinner on the stove and get the kids to bed under lots of layers.  It came back sometime during the night, thankfully.  Back to last week.

We made chocolate chip muffins!

 You may have noticed Eli still has his binky and bottle.  Melissa made a social story to help him understand that they are going away.  The bottle has been gone for a week now.  He did pretty well although he's no longer drinks milk because he associates it with the bottle.  The binky is next!
 Gossiping at school.

 We went to synagogue for the Purim service which is crazy.  There is a rock band on stage doing all the prayers.
 Then a pizza dinner where the boys went nuts!

Time to venture out into the winter wonderland.

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