Thursday, March 1, 2018

Eli and Noah's 3rd Birthday Party Part 1

It's Thursday night and it's raining really hard.  There is Nor'easter headed this way!   Luckily it will mostly be rain here and not snow like up north is getting.  I think we have a pretty quiet weekend coming up.  I'm all for sleeping in!  

Here is the first of two posts for Noah and Eli's birthday party.  It's a bunch of random pictures of random kids that you and I both don't know but they are cute.  Amy did all the work and it turned out amazing!
Are you ready to party Eli?
All set up for a Paw Patrol party.
These signs are cute.

Two cakes!
Here we go!  Time to jump around at Altitude Trampoline Park!  Their teacher and one of the assistants came.

 Eva and Gwen!
 Noah can be very silly.

 Hey Eva and Gwen!

 Stay tuned for part 2 and have a great weekend!

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