Sunday, March 11, 2018

More Jumping

It's Sunday night and we are having a hard time getting the twins to sleep.  I think everyone is messed up with daylight savings time starting today.  Amy and I had a fun outing yesterday.  We went to the city to see the Pops.  Other than that it was a pretty quiet weekend.  Back to last Sunday.  Ariel was dressed up for Hebrew School.  
 Afterwards we met Melissa and friends at Altitude, our new home away from home.  
 The boys went crazy!
 Jump Eli!

 We went early before it got too crowded.  By the time we left, it was pretty insane there.  
 Help, I'm stuck in the foam pit.  
 Mark played dodgeball with the kids.
 Happy cousins!
 Snack time!
 When it got more crowded, we kept them in the foam pit.  

 Even Gwen wanted to play.

 That was fun but it's nap time!
 While the twins were sleeping, Ariel had a playdate with Mika.  
 They worked out with me.

 Then dinner at Grandma's Grotto.  It's great because the owner's grandson is there with his toys.  It keeps my kids busy so we can eat in peace.

 Looks like everyone got rid of their kids!

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