Monday, March 5, 2018

Cheerleading Showcase

It's Monday night and we are about to find out who Arie picked on the Bachelor!  I would say neither are a good match for him.  The twins are fighting going to sleep.  Why do kids do that?  Sleep is the best!  Let's go back to last Saturday.  We got back home from Noah and Eli's party around 12:30.  They and Amy immediately fell asleep.  It was a long, quiet afternoon.  
 Then we got to open some presents!  That night we went out to dinner with high school friends.  
 The twins got up during the night and ended up in our bed.  Amy couldn't take it after a while as they are really hard to sleep with.  She went into Ariel's bed.  This video is from around 6 in the morning.  They were like this most of the night.

Sunday morning we went to synagogue for the Purim Carnival.  Eli danced to the music.

 Lots to do, lots to see.
 Ariel was ready for her cheerleading showcase later in the day.
 The kids played games.

 The twins got in the way of other people playing games.

 I will take some popcorn please.
 We went right to Ariel's cheerleading showcase.  
We finally got to see the whole routine with the music.
 We shouldn't have brought the twins. They went a little nuts.
 We had to keep chasing them off the trampolines.
 All the parents ready to watch.
 Here we go!  Ariel is all the way on the left.

 They are doing great!  

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