Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Chocolate and Cherry Hamantaschen

It's Tuesday night, the calm before the storm.  Yes, it was in the 70's over the last few weeks, now we are looking at 6-12 inches of snow possibly up to 16!  It's our second Nor'easter this week and they are already talking about another one over the weekend!  Was the Bachelor crazy last night?  We are watching the bonus episode right now.  Arie was not cool for switching girls after a few months.  

My parents come over for dinner and to make hamantaschen.
 The boys put on a show.

Time to bake!

 They came out yummy!

 Good morning boys!
 So, the Grateful Dead are still touring.  It's pretty crazy, you can watch all the shows online.  I caught this picture as they went through Florida last week and you can see Bobby had a pretty amazing shirt.  He was showing his support for the school in Parkland.  
 Then the next day, they went to the school! 

I saw this outside the twin's classroom.  Their teacher was there and took a bunch of pictures.  
 She made this great poster!
 I love capturing moments in Ariel's class.  Enjoy the snow!

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