Thursday, March 8, 2018

Baseball Tryouts

It's Thursday night and things are slowly returning to normal.  The snow is starting to melt.  All the kids have school tomorrow and the house is nice and warm.  There are still people out there without power.  We feel so badly for them.  Speaking of snow, last Friday we had some.
 We picked up the kids from school early because it got really bad.  

Let's run home guys!
 They have discovered graham crackers!
 Saturday morning, Aden had baseball tryouts.  
 I was really nervous for him.  This is the first year there are 3 leagues.  The National, the American and the Continental.  The National are the best and the American is also competitive.  The Continental is much more casual, which I think is perfect for Aden but he disagreed and wanted to try out for the better teams against kids as old as 12, many of whom have been practicing all Winter.  Aden hasn't touched his glove or a bat since last Summer.  
 He did ok hitting.
 He missed all 5 pop ups.
 Pitching is not his thing.
 So of course he was upset.  I'm proud of him for trying but he has to understand, the Continental League is perfect for him.  He will play every game and get to try every position and it's only 1 game a week.  Much less pressure.  
 I thought this was funny.  
 Uh oh, grandmom must be around.  
 That's the only way McDonald's is going to be in my house!
 Oh no, there is a dragon loose in the house!

 Ariel likes to exercise with daddy.  
 Going for a ride Eli?
 Have a great weekend!

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