Monday, October 8, 2018

Back at Quarterback

It's Monday night.  It was a misty, dreary day that ended with a flag football win!  Aden's team is undefeated after 8 games and in first place!  We are helping Aden with a current events project.  Wow school work is hard.  I'm glad I've been done it for decades!  It's late so I'm just going to blast through this.  There are from last week.

Gym class for the boys!

 We had the cousins over for dinner.

 I walked Ariel to school.
 She looks so tiny in front of the huge backpack.
 And she looked sad and lost by herself by the school.  
 Ariel covered the boys in tattoos.  
 We have a new Heather!  Albeit just for a few months.  Shannon is Aden's friend Finn's sister.  She's in college and has lots of free time for us.  
 Football time.  Amy's parents came to watch.
 Aden was quarterback again!

First place!

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