Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Lone Sharpie Lid

It's Halloween night.  Sorry there was no post today.  We got home around 1am this morning from New York so I skipped it.  We went to see the 15th Anniversary show of Wicked on Broadway!  I will tell you all about that in a later post.  These will finish off last week.  

Our stylish first grader.
 I love watching them for a few minutes when I drop them off.
 So true.
 Pick up!  Eli wanted to show me his skeleton.

 A new toy!  Race tracks for Eli and Noah!

 Ariel helped daddy cook.  

 Not sure what she was doing here.  She has a very active imagination.  
 As soon as they woke up, right back to the race tracks.  

 Circle time!
 Shannon the sitter took these at the school playground.

 I might have showed you this before.  Eli is in the NAC program catalogue.  Someone noticed it and sent it to me asking if it was Eli!

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