Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Goodbye Cribs

 It's Wednesday night.  We are just back from Aden's basketball tryouts.  I had fun talking with the parents.  Aden isn't sure how he did and we weren't allowed to watch.  Amy is upstairs trying to get the twins to go to bed.  They are getting much more comfortable being in the beds and are starting to get into trouble.  Beds you ask?  Yes, in case I didn't mention it, last Thursday was took apart the cribs.  
 It was kind of emotional.  Aden's crib has been together for over 10 years.  

 We went with toddler beds for now.  We aren't sure if we are going to keep them in the room so we figured the toddler beds would give us another year till we have to make a decision.  
 Story time before bed.
 Amy told them not to get out of the beds without us being there.
 We watched them all night.  It took a while for them to fall asleep.  They talked and passed toys back and forth but did not get out of bed.  
 This was sometime during the night.
 We came in at 7:30, they are usually crying to get out of their cribs at 7, and they were sitting up in bed.  Noah said they were good boys and didn't get out of bed!
 Visiting grandmom.  
 Amy has been busy decorating the house.  
 Eva and Gwen came for dinner.
 The kids were nuts!
 It was fire prevention week so we went to the local firehouse open house.  I guess the boys aren't scared of Sparky anymore.  
 They loved shooting the hoses.

 Aden's friends.
 We had fun exploring.
 Big firetruck!

 Night number 2!  Still going well.  

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