Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Now That's a Big Frog

It's Tuesday night.  We are watching the finale of Better Call Saul.  I had a good guitar lesson tonight. Starting to work on the pentatonic scales.  I'm determined to get lower then the first 3 frets.  It's hard being a beginner.  I should have started this as a kid!  He insists I'm picking it up pretty quickly but it's hard for me to see that.  Back to last week.

A picture of the twin's class I saw on Twitter.
The organizer tackling Aden's room.
 We are going to take off the ribbons and rehang Aden's letters!
 Busy in class.

 I picked Ariel up from cheer at the middle school and they were playing Pickle Ball!

 Soccer practice.   Ariel forgot her ball and was upset that the ball she had to borrow from the coach was green and not pink!

 Hard to see but we had a huge frog at outside.

Football practice.
 The boys had to do pushups.
 I was surprised by how many Aden could do.
 A quiet night in the basement with Shannon.

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