Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bux-Mont Pop Warner Cheer 2018

It's a stormy Thursday night.  The leftovers of Hurricane Michael are passing by.  We are out of cribs!  It took over an hour, but the twins finally fell asleep in their new toddler beds.  They talked and played but eventually got tired.  We are a little worried about the morning when they get up as they are usually up before us.  

Last Saturday Ariel had her one and only cheer tournament.  At the old place she would have had six!  It was at Quakertown High School about an hour away.  All the Pop Warner cheerleaders from Bucks and Montgomery Counties were there.  

 We left Ariel and walked around front.  It was a new, beautiful high school.  
 We got there at 9:30.  Ariel went on just before 11.  
 We watched teams of different ages from all over.

 It was finally our turn!

Here we go!

They did great!
We all had to stick around and watch the rest of the performers.  

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