Monday, November 5, 2018

A Handsome Gift From G-d

It's Monday night.  The big kids are off tomorrow for election day.  These will finish off last weekend.  

Eli tried on a new costume.  
 Brotherly cuddles.
 We all went to Shailyn's birthday party at the NAC.  

 Bouncing time!
 The twins went around and around and around.

 I ran across the Booty Builder.  I have yet to try.
 Then it was upstairs to the gym room.

 Sorry for the lack of commentary.  I'm tired.
 Cute pic.

 Maya helped Ariel practice her cart wheels.  
 Oh he loves cake.

 Amy went with the kids to Hebrew School.  Ariel loves Sammy and Mara!
Aden's class had to talk about their Hebrew names.  This was Aden's poster.  Yes, he is a handsome gift from G-d!

Aden's girlfriend.
Aden's turn.
This was Monday morning.  The twins brought the candy to our bed.

 I will save you any sad footage but that night was the end of Aden's flag football season.  They got beat pretty soundly.  Aden did not take it well.  Thought his team let him down.  I tried to explain that even though it was a tough loss, it was their only loss the whole season.  He should be proud of what they accomplished.  

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