Thursday, November 22, 2018

November Blizzard

It's Thanksgiving night.  We just got the kids to sleep.  Amy's mom made a beautiful dinner but I had a hard time eating as the twins were not behaving well and I had to deal with them all night.  Not sure what the problem was.  

So last Thursday was a total mess.  It was forecasted to snow around lunchtime for a bit then quickly change to rain.  The schools were all in session with early dismissal at 12:15.  I should have left work when the snow started around 11 but I waited till about 1 to leave.  Thankfully, Amy thought to pick up the twins from school before she got the older 2 at 12:15 so they were all home safely. I poked my head out around 12 and it didn't look bad.
 I headed out around 1.  It was pretty bad.  Heavy wet snow and it was not changing to rain.  

 I figured I would take Street Rd, which I normally avoid because of traffic, because I figured it would be taken care of.  Traffic was not moving.  It was hard to see.
 Here you can see I have the rear view camera on as I was driving.  The roads were covered.  This was before I hit the backup but it got bad.  So I decided to take my usual route up Bristol.  
 The problem with Bristol is there are many hills you don't think about when the road is dry.  Thankfully my car is pretty solid in wet conditions.  It's very heavy and has a low center of gravity because of the battery and it has 4 wheel drive.  So I took it slowly but what scared me were the other people on the road in cars that should not be out in the snow fishtailing in front and behind me and following way too close.  My heart did not stop pounding the entire almost 3 hours it took me to get home!  Yes, 3 hours.  
 Phew made it.  I heard stories all night long about how long it took people to get home.  It took Mark hours to get the girls.  The snow kept going till like 3 or 4.  It turned to sleet for a while which didn't help at all.  Seems that it was about three hours for anyone going anywhere.  There were school buses that got stuck.  They left at 12:15 and were still stuck after 4.  There were schools where the kids had to sleep there!  The weather people totally blew this one.  
 The kids were excited to go out and play.

I went out with them.  It was super cold and windy and wet.  Not very nice.  

 The temperature was supposed to get close to 50 overnight so I didn't worry about shoveling.  
 The kids were serious about playing.
 The big kids were out back.

 Too fun for me.  I'm headed under the covers.
 Don't know if you can read this but this was the local press on the storm.

 Have a great weekend!

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