Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Feeling Wicked

We are up late watching election results.  What a crazy day.  Long lines everywhere.  Everyone on Facebook showing their voting stickers.  

Last week we had part 2 of our Wicked adventure.  Amy, Melissa, Aden and I took the train up to New York.  It was a nice day and the fun to watch the leaves changing.
First stop, nuts!
We walked up to Times Square.
Of course we stopped at Melissa's cupcakes.  
We had the special Wicked cupcakes.

 We stopped by Viacom to visit Melissa's friend.
 The lobby was cool.

 Thanks for hanging Cara!
We went around the corner to Friedman's for an early dinner.

 Super yummy fried chicken and waffles.  
 Then we headed over to the Gershwin Theater on 51st.  
 We got to go to the cast party.  

 I had the Ozmopolitan.

 More Melissa's cupcakes!  Here comes the cast!
 I had to force Amy and Melissa to take this picture with the male lead.  Not!  I didn't think they would let go!
 Green makeovers!

 The other male lead.  Amy had fun running up to the cast to ask them who they played.
 He was the goat teacher.  
 Finally the witches came out!
 Glinda and Elphaba.

 It was a cool theater.  The biggest on Broadway.
 This was actually the 15th anniversary.  The first show was October 30, 2003.  I met Amy in January 2005.  She was singing Wicked every day!
 They gave us some cool swag.  
 Then it was time to head into the show.  
 4th row center!  I've never sat that close.

 I snapped a couple of pics.  
 I forgot how funny the show was.
 It felt like they were singing to us.  I had to look back to remind myself there was 1000 people behind us.  
 Elphaba takes flight in Defying Gravity.
 Curtain calls.  We loved the show.  It's long, almost 3 hours and Aden stayed with it and was blown away.

 After we got a backstage tour!  I wasn't allowed to take pictures because they don't want to lose any of the magic but we did get a picture on stage!  What a fabulous night!  We got home around 1 am.  Maria is the best!

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