Thursday, November 1, 2018

Holland Harvest

It's Thursday night.  It was super warm today!  Felt like September, not the first day of November!  Let's go back to last Friday.  It was Holland Harvest at the kid's school along with trunk or treat and spooky hallway.  It was a big night and we thankfully had beautiful weather.  Ariel was ready to go!
 Aunt Bev came to help.
The twins were so excited.  They ran up the path to the school.

They were ready to go!  Both Spiderman!
 The cars came in to set up.  For those of you who don't have trunk or treat, people set up their cars and the kids go from car to car collecting candy.  
 One of the neighbor cars.

 The parking lot filled up.
 The kids played around before the trunk or treat started.
 Miss Sassy.
 We are finished!  Bev actually did most of it.  
 The boys!

 Thanks Bev!
Here we go!  The twins were not shy.
 Some of the fun cars.

 Even a motorcycle.
 Remember when the twins looked like this?!?!

 My car was a mob scene!

 This kid was cute.
 There were a few dinosaurs wandering around.  I guess they eat candy.  

 Inside they had food and lots of activities.  
 Aden ran the bowling!

 The boys guessed the candy corn.
 They had a dj in the gym!
 Noel looked great!
 Everyone had fun.  We were there late!  Have a great weekend!

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