Wednesday, November 21, 2018

October 2, 2021

It's Wednesday night.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it's supposed to be the coldest Thanksgiving in 0ver 100 years!  I do not plan to get out from under my covers till dinnertime!  The kids can fend for themselves.  I got my first pair of progressive lenses today.  I was able to see far away with my glasses on but had to take them off to see up close.  That got really annoying.  So far so good.  I got a little dizzy at first but I feel better now and I can see far and close at the same time!  Last Wednesday was an exciting one for Aden.

After Hebrew school we gathered together in the synagogue for the yearly handing out of Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates.  Of course Ariel found a friend right away.   
 The clergy told us all about the process.  We have a quiet 2 years coming up but that third year is going to be nuts.  
 Jared got his first.  
 Then it was Aden's turn.  
 So excited!

 October 2, 2021.  Save the date!
 Here's his partner!  So what kind of party are we going to throw?
 We stopped at a candy store.  
 What did the lawn people do?

 Funtime at drop off.
 Lunch at Harvest.  We saw Ariel's friend Charlie's mom.
 Of course she has her dolls.

 Good night!

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