Thursday, November 8, 2018

Halloween 2018 Part 1

Here are the pictures from Halloween day.  Ariel was busy checking out her Melissa's Cupcakes in the morning.  
I dropped the twins off at school.  
The kids all looked so cute.
Big hugs!

I see a bunch of princesses!
Eli has some big muscles for a 3 year old!
Quietly reading to himself?
The rest of the pics are Amy's.  She's the homeroom mom for the twins so she was there for the parade and party.  They used to let all the parents come to the parade but they lost their parking lot.  There's Gwen in the parade!

Eva's class!

Hey Eva!

Lots of group shots.

Some party shots.

That afternoon, Amy was the homeroom mom for Aden's class.  She caught Ariel in the halls before the parade.
Here comes the parade!  There's Tyler.
Here's Ariel's class.

Our pretty pink monster.
I thought pumpkinhead guy was a little creepy.
Aden's class.  
Yes, it was pretty cold out.  
All the neighbors watching.

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