Thursday, January 10, 2019

Goodbye Shannon!

It's Thursday night.  I've been taking almost no pictures this week so be prepared for short posts next week.  It's so cold.  I want to stay under my covers. Thankfully we don't have a lot of plans this weekend.  Back to last week.  

We were getting nervous about the Eagles game but there were some funny things that people posted on Facebook to break the tension.  Turns out we didn't need to worry at all.  Now we just need to take care of the Saints....
Last Friday, the kids happily went to school.
 After work, I went to the gym.  I think I mentioned I started running.  It really gets my heart going so I have been getting many more points.  My usual workouts are around 125 points.  Here, I got almost 200!  My most ever!  The points are basically meaningless but they give me some motivation.  
 That night was quiet.  
 Shannon was leaving for the University of Pittsburgh the next day.  She came to say goodbye.  We got her some presents.  

 Then Heather came to actually sit, which was only a bit awkward.  Ariel got a mean game of Jenga going.

 The boys didn't even say goodbye.  Speaking of Shannon, Ariel called her tonight on her own.  She's having a great time in Pittsburgh.

 We always end up on the bouncy house.

 Noah has been posing more.
We all chilled before bed.  
 Aden's teacher lost her mother.  Aden wrote this to her.  Very sweet.  Have a great weekend!

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