Sunday, January 6, 2019

One Last Holiday Party

It's Sunday night, halftime of the Eagles vs Bears game.  This is pretty tense.  I think we are playing way better, just making bad mistakes.  I did not take a lot of pictures last week so the posts will be a little shorter.  

Last Saturday we found the twins in Aden's room a little too close to his Legos.  
 The poor Millennium Falcon.  It's been holding together for years but not any longer.  Eli left some evidence of who did it.  Notice his baby by the piggy bank.
 We were so desperate for an activity for the twins that we took them to Chick fil A.  
 They didn't even eat, they just played.

 Trying out a new toy.
 That night we had our neighbor's holiday party.  They had a big crowd!  They always do it right, tons of food and drink!  Aden tried out their son's new basketball court.
 Ariel looked cute but wouldn't pose.  She had a bit of an attitude.
 Noah looks guilty here.
 Ariel had a loose tooth.  Number 7 I believe.
 The kids did crafts in the basement.  
And played old school video games.

 We didn't stop eating all night!
 Ariel took this.  The neighbor guys!
 Thanks for a great party!

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